The association was formed in 1936 by some of the leading lights of electronics industry of those days.

The Association initially was named as "All India Radio & Merchants Association" in short "AIRMA". The primary objective of forming the association was to bring the fraternity of all ‘Radio Dealers’ together and to safeguard its members business interest through collective efforts and address their common problems.

In April 1941, the Association was registered as non-profit entity under Indian Companies Act VII of 1913

Some of the leading lights & patron members were …..

Sir Rahimtoola M. Chinoy Radio House
Mr. D. R. D. Wadia  
Mr. M. Morob  
Mr. N. K. Kharas  
Mr. Fazel A. Fazelbhoy  
Mr. C. M. Shah  
Mr. Hasanally P. Ebrahim Globe Radio & Sound Corporation
Mr. M. U. Dada International Trading Corporation
Mr. D. D. Vasudeva Vasudeva Ltd.
Mr. D. H. Marathe The Radio Electric Ltd

In 1949, it was felt that the Association needs to expand its services to the Trade and Industry. Four autonomous Zones were constituted at Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Madras, with a combined membership of about 2300. The Memorandum and Articles of Association was drafted by a professional, which are being followed till date.

Around 1960’s semiconductor devices started appearing in many products in electronic industry. These devices were now part of many products other than radio like Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications, Railways, Defense, Consumer Electronics etc.

The Electronic Industry with large number of manufacturing units began to flourish in various areas.

To represent the true nature of activities of Association, it was re-christened as "All India Radio & Electronics Association in the year March 1971. With all India status, the Association was recognized both at Centre and State Levels. With dedicated group of members in all zones, the Association represented the problems of Trade and Industry to the concerned authorities for their attention. It has met with great success in suggesting policy decision by the Government for development of Electronics. The foresight and efforts of all veterans of Association, deserves tremendous praise. They have been instrumental in growth of Electronics Trade and Industry in the country.

Association has been instrumental in interacting with various ministries & government departments from finance, science & technology, Information & Broadcasting as well as state level ministries to represent concerns & issues.

With expansion of electronics into newer areas such as security, Mobile telephony, Lighting & Automation it was found that radio was no longer sole part of business of majority of members, hence in 2016 it was decided to rename the association as AIEA - “All India Electronics Association”. It was also decided to reach out to new emerging markets.


 The vision of the Association since inception has been focused for the growth and welfare of the Trade and Industry.

 The association aims to help members to expand their business horizons beyond boundaries.

 In a developing country, the policy of the government is shaped by the representation and suggestions made by the Trade and Industry bodies. We aim to continue dedicated service to members in years to come.


 AIEA promotes co-operation among its members, connected with various sections of the electronic trade and industry, and represents the views of the members on any matters affecting the electronic trade and industry to the Government of India or the Local Government, Chamber of Commerce and other public/private authorities.

 AIEA arranges and provides facilities for conference, exhibitions, lectures and other functions relating to the Trade and Industry. AIEA's experienced members guide fellow members in aspects of technical issues various trade laws and legal matters.

 To foster better fellowship both socially & businesswise.

 Expand membership to 25000 members by 2025 & expand activities in tier II & tier III cities