Shri Mitesh Mody

Shri Mitesh Mody


It is indeed my honor to get elected as Central President of All India Electronics Association and lead this very prestigious organization for the term 2021 - 2023.

The year 2020 and 2021 are the years that we all wish never to get repeated in our life time again. The challenges were and are immense due to Corona and two lockdowns. But humans are always known for their fighting spirit and overcoming challenges. We fought and resurrected like Phoenix. The Resurgence is constant.

Friends, we all are very well aware about our past initiatives and efforts which turned out victorious such as.. 
i.    Removal of license on radios
ii.   Duty free semiconductors imports 
iii.  Removal of the LBT taxes in Maharashtra 
iv.  Instrumental in successfully bringing down GST rates to 18% from 28% on most electronic components, CCTV etc by effective representation and continue follow up with Finance Ministry and GST Council… and more

The Association managed to achieve above and many more due to our Unity, support and faith of members on committees and swift coordination between all zones.

And now our goal is to sensitize the government on the constant need for conducive policies for a thriving Digital India, upliftment of the electronics trade, industry and prioritizing the need for making India, “THE” center of electronics manufacturing hub for the Global markets.

We wish to organize trade fair for our pan India members in coming years. A series of workshops for our members to get themselves updated on government policies and grab the opportunities for the growth.